Fracking Operations

Katalox-Plus is the first media for system store cover



  • ♦ All Organic removals
  • ♦ No Addition of Hydroxides
  • ♦ 5 Micron Filtration
  • ♦ Suspended Solids removals
  • ♦ Backwash water use 1:450
  • ♦ No Chlorine
  • ♦ No extra Backwash Pumps
  • ♦ Very less energy consumption
  • ♦ Equipment can be installed as very compact skids
  • ♦ No concentrated water or sludge like Evaporation or Reverse Osmosis

Katalox-Plus is the first media for system store cover, purify &reuse of contaminated water produced by hydraulic fracturing or Fracking operations. Fracking for Oil &Gas well has dramatically increased well water production capacity. Fresh water consumption is producing very high amount of waste water with significant concentrations of mineral and chemical contaminants. Many million gallons of water per well is required to accomplish the fracking procedure. Fresh fracking water used to perform the procedure comes in contact with heavy metals becomes contaminated by Acidic water,which dissolves Iron, Manganese, Arsenicand also Radium and Uranium.

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