Well Water Problems

If you have a private well


If you have a private well, then water quality testing is very important for you and your family. Some contaminants in drinking water have been linked to cancer, toxicity, hyper-tension (excess sodium), posing risk to human health. Many contaminants often have no taste, odor or color. Their presence can only be determined by laboratory testing.

When taking any sample, Watch® recommends that it be taken after a heavy rainstorm. These events tend to highlight conditions of improper well construction or poor soil filtration.

Standard Analysis:

Arsenic (As) Must be noted
Bacteria Must be noted
Chloride (Cl) Must be noted
Copper (Cu) Must be noted
Fluoride (Fl) Must be noted
Hardness Must be noted
Iron (Fe) Must be noted
Lead (Pb) Must be noted
Manganese (Mn) Must be noted
Nitrate/Nitrite Must be noted
pH Must be noted
Sodium (Na) Must be noted
Uranium (U) Must be noted
Radiological Analysis
for Radon, Uranium, Analytical Gross Alpha
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Well water can be treated using Katalox-Light
Well water can be treated using Crystolite